Pancake Flip

An iPhone game

The client.
Keigo Muto

The brief.
UI design for Pancake Flip iPhone game

Created by Keigo Muto, Pancake Flip is a simple game of skill at, yep you guessed it, flipping pancakes on your iPhone.

It is important the game has a narrative. We created a short story of a poor pancake chef that was going have his shop shut down due to poor business, which was about to change when he received a magical pan from a cat that invites him to flip more pancakes to master his skills.

Pancake Flip is a game about a chef's journey to master his pancake skill.

A total of five levels and difficulties were created for the initial launch. Each level are designed with a different gravity that would effect your flip in a different way. For example in space, the gravity would be so light that the pancake would fly really high and make it harder to catch. These elements made each level different and challenging enough for the user to come back for more.

We went for an organic look and feel that was inspired by kids illustration books.

Frank Li
Art direction
UX & UI Design
Story writing
Chracter design

Keigo Muto
Art direction
ios development