Concave Style

Identity & Iconography

The client.
Hiroshi Tazawa

The brief.
Design the Identity and iconography for Concave Style prototype.

Concave Style is a proposed Content Management System(CMS) by Hiroshi Tazawa, who also happens to be a colleague of mine serveral years ago. This was his side project and he was in the process of building its prototype. I was approached to design its identity and visualise the look and feel for the prototype.

Concave Style is a Content Management System created by Hiroshi Tazawa. 

Taking inspiration from its name and exploring the notion of technical graphs. we design the identity composed of the C and S, which also becomes a concaved line. The dot within represents content travelling through and being populated.

Taking inspiration from science symbols, I created a set of playful iconography for the dashboard.

Frank Li
Art direction
Identity design
UI Design

Hiroshi Tazawa
UX design
Frontend development
Backend development

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