Bresic Whitney

A simple blog space

The client.
BresicWhitney, worked on it at Lash Creative.

The brief.
Create a blog space for BresicWhitney.

BresicWhitney is a lifestyle property group that thrives on bringing contemporary ways of living to their customers.

Having these vision as the basis of everything they do, they would like to create an seperate online medium where they can share these thoughts and perspectives on lifestyle and culture with their forward thinking customers.

We framed BresicWhitneys imageries as if you are viewing them in a gallery.

BresicWhitney had beautiful and emotive imageries, and we hero these images to design the blog space. The end result - a clean editorial layout with deliberate use of white space to frame the content.

A subtle parallax was used to add an extra touch of liveliness to the website.

Frank Li
Art direction
UX and UI design

Greg Butch
Front end development
Backend Development