Brambles MyShare

A corporate microsite

The client.
Brambles, worked on it at Lash Creative.

The brief.
Create a microsite for the Brambles MyShare programme.

Brambles MyShare is a employee benefit programme. Given that information about shares are usually quite tedious to work through, they approached us for a internal microsite to act as a bridge to connect with their employees by giving them a simplified overview of the programme.

We challenged ourselves to change what the usual share information would look like.

Using soft colour palette and charismatic illustrations, we created a microsite that tells the tale of how MyShare works in a storybook fashion.

Guided by the characters Mr and Mrs Brambles, we divided the information into three short chapters, each contained a simple interactivity to show how easy it is to join and benefit from the MyShare plan.

The site was well received and achieved the targeted result of 30 percent participation rate.

Frank Li
Art direction 
UX & UI design

Ayumi Bruce
UI design
Character design
Print collateral design

Andy Chin
Technical lead
Frontend development

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