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Founded by John Polson in 1993, Tropfest is the world's largest short film festival.

Currently having all their finalist films on Youtube, Tropfest felt it was time to give these films a more curated experience - a dedicated online platform named Watch Tropfest.

Our aim is to give Watch Tropfest the packaged viewing experience.

Tropfest Australia has been supporting Australian film talents for decades now. With the number of amazing entries they have received, our challenge was first to understand how to categorise this large amount of short films so we can deliver it to the audience in a continuous experience.

Due to the short duration of each film, Our approach is to curate the films into individual playlists so the audience can sit through multiple films and experience an overarching theme.

Each playlist is categorised using colors and custom made patterns.

To make the playlists easy to identify, we gave the content producers at Tropfest the ability to apply a specific colour to each list they curate. 20% of the chosen colour is also displayed in the background of the detail page to maintain a sense of continuity. Furthermore, a custom pattern is generated to add a touch of personality to each playlist.

We wrapped the content in a split screen so the film and its content are visible at all times.

Built with angular JS from the scratch, we opt for a one-page web app style and wrapped the content in a split screen so the film and its content are visible at all times.

Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, Tropfest was not able to provide the content and support to see this project through. Below represents our prototype. It also made to the finalist selection at The 2016 Good Design Awards.

Victor David / Project manager
Frank Li / UX / UI / Art Direction and design / Illustration / Motion
Sam Heiligers / UX / content coordinatior
Shimmy Nakayama / Dev Lead / Backend development
Andy Chin / Frontend development

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