Pop Camera is a camera app for the iOS device, it was a collaborative project between myself and Hiroshi Tazawa, who happens to be an old colleague of mine.

Hiroshi is a huge fan of toy cameras and wanted to make a camera app that let people experience toy camera photography on the go. We worked closely together to create the UX and I was in charge of the art direction and design of the UI.

You can download the app here.

We first created and launch the Pop Camera app in 2012.

Ranging from sequential to double exposure to square cameras, the highlight of Pop Camera is that it only consists of cameras with playful nature. Because each camera was unique, I wanted to reflect that visually by giving each Camera a personality of its own. For the first launch, I made nine unique cameras and eight different backdrops to go with it.

The app was very well received at launch with people highlighting the UI design as its unique factor. It also went on to win mobile site of the day on The Favourite Site Award October 2013.

It was time to give Pop Camera a facelift.

As our phones size changed so much so quickly, we decided it was time to give Pop Camera a facelift. Keeping the bright personality of the original Pop Camera, we took the playfulness to the next level and introduce new flat design look that would be easy to resize and maintain. 

The new UI entails the story of a couple's journey.

To distinguish the cameras, each camera uses a two-tone colour code, which also becomes its shutter colour in the back view. These colours then go on to create the colour palettes for the background of these new cameras. Every background was redesigned and portray a lighthearted story about a couple's journey into an exotic planet where they discover the Pop Cameras.

All the new visual components are made into vector based graphics so it can be scalable to the different resolutions.

Frank Li / UX / UI / Art Direction and Design / Illustration / 3D modelling
Hiroshi Tazawa / App Founder / UX / App development

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