/ Onitsuka Tiger / Product Campaign

During my time at Lash Creative, we pitched and was chosen to run the 65th Anniversary Campaign for Onitsuka Tiger Australia.

Our big idea was called ‘Find Your Tiger’. It is an integrated campaign that encourages and rewards their fans to discover their inner tiger through a series of interactive Facebook games.

Using Facebook as the main channel to reach their huge amount of followers.

Given Onitsuka Tiger Australia already has a large number of followers on their Facebook channel, it was a perfect opportunity to use this touch point to engage with them about the upcoming 65th Anniversary.

Our idea is to use this opportunity to celebrate the anniversary with them by giving them the chance to win new products and enter the draw for a chance to win a trip to Japan.

Inspired by Finding Wally, we create four individual Facebook games, each contains the upcoming Onitsuka Tiger shoes. All they had to do was find the hidden Onitsuka Tigers for a chance to win.

Bespoke illustration for a different perspective of the beloved brand.

Inspired by the kawaii (meaning cute in Japanese) and the manga culture of Japan, we moved away from their usual photography oriented campaigns and went for an illustrative look and feel for their new range of products.

Each Onitsuka Tiger shoes has an origin and a story. Using this as the basis for our illustration. We created four different unique graphics to capture the personality of each Onitsuka Tiger shoes.

Integrated across in-store, retail point of sale, social media and print collateral.

Using Facebook as the main platform of engagement, the creative is further integrated across in-store, retail point of sale, social media and print collateral to reach more audience and draw traffic to the game itself.

At the end of the campaign, we achieved a total of 27,254 page ‘like’ increase, a total of 123,530 unique page views, and a total of 19,046 repeat plays. The campaign finishes at the end of May with the 65th Anniversary product launch.

Alicent Platenkamp / Project Manager
Frank Li / UX / UI / Art Direction and design / Illustration 
Ayumi Bruce / UX / UI / Design
Frankie Lee / Motion graphic 
Shimmy Nakayama / Dev Lead / Front end development

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